Crowns and Bridges

BEFORE: From a full mouth section
AFTER: Multiple implants, crowns, and veneers.

BEFORE: Teeth filled too many times with composite fillings
AFTER: Seven upper and five lower porcelain crowns and one veneer

BEFORE: Five non-precious metal crowns causing gum irritation.
AFTER: Crown replaced with pure porcelain and favorable tissue response.

AFTER: Six porcelain veneers and two porcelain crowns.

BEFORE: Broken Teeth
AFTER: One Crown and one veneer

AFTER: Five porcelain crowns and four porcelain veneers

BEFORE: Broken off tooth, server, recession, and crowding.
 Final of six tooth bridge.

BEFORE: Old upper restoration requiring replacement, extreme lower tooth wear. 
 Upper anterior crowns replace, lower veneers placed.

After: One anterior crown

Before: Two cracked teeth requiring crowns

After: Three tooth bridge and four veneers