John Gonzalez, D.D.S., grew up in Malibu. He went to the Santa Monica/Malibu school system,
then went onto pursue the University of California, Santa Barbara and finally to dental school at
the University of California, Los Angeles where. he graduated in 1992. Growing up, Dr.
Gonzalez enjoyed drawing, building many projects and learning how things worked. He had won
several awards in high school for ceramics and spent time in college not only studying the
sciences but also doing sculpting and participating in other art forms. The study of science and
mathematics was not easy, but his tenacity allowed him to achieve high grades which propelled
him into one of the most beautiful, most sought out dental schools in the country. Soon after
graduation from the UCLA’s dental school, Dr. Gonzalez, felt comfortable going immediately into
private practice. For thirteen years he worked in a very successful, high profile practice and
gained a reputation in the office for being the dentist who could correct complex dental
Dr. Gonzalez always uses a simple, straightforward philosophy about doing good dentistry: It
involves following established principles, using his gift for understanding how things work,
applying an artistic imagination, having a gentle touch and most of all treating every patient with
the utmost care. Patients are not a commodity to be brokered, lied to or coerced into treatment.
They are not dollar signs. Patients are to be cared for, treated with respect and honesty. Good
dentistry requires both skill and integrity. He practices both general dentistry, treating patients
with common dental problems and procedures, and restorative dentistry whereby Dr. Gonzalez
addresses those patients who have suffered from severe dental neglect or from poor quality
work performed by other dentists, many of whom require extensive dental reconstruction. Dr.
Gonzalez has teamed-up with a select group of specialists who perform root canals, tooth
extractions, implant placements, gingival tissue work, and other specialized procedures that he
prefers not to do so that he can concentrate on what he enjoys the most in the field of dentistry.
These specialists share his integrity and commitment to excellence.